Maono Ya Chini


Maono Ya Chini

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Maono Ya Chini (MYC), which means "Low Vision" in Swahili, was created when I was diagnosed with a hereditary macular dystrophy that changed my life and allowed me to see the world differently. This name was chosen to convey that low vision is an essence of beauty and demonstrate how having a disability opens up a new world of growth and opportunities. I started this blog as a way to help people to visually see what it is like to live as a person who is visually impaired through their own eyes.

My platform has allowed me to tell my story for those who live with a visual impairment. Maono Ya Chini is a place where all those who do or don't have visual impairments or know someone who does, can share ideas, resources and stories about day to day living.

My goal is to advocate for young professionals and all people with visual impairments. But, also want teach people about visual impairments and develop new technologies and ideas for the visually impaired community.