Start of a new semester

The semester started last week. What fun. I always look forward to starting the semester because of how much i am going to learn from engaging in the classroom lectures along with the tons of programming that comes with it. But this start of the semester was very trying and different for me. this semester I could no longer use print books. I screamed!!!!. I couldn't believe that print books for college would be non-existent TO ME. I am someone who enjoys the feeling you get when holding a book in your hands regardless of how technological advanced the world has become. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A HOLDING A BOOK. I finally decided it was time to invest in a  ereader tableet. So I went on a rampage searching for the right tablet, at the right price and most important the right size. And I finally found it, I invested in the Barnes & Noble Nook HD+ 9 inch. It fit the criteria that I was looking for and boy was I excited to finally get this. Since having it, reading books have become a little simpler, but still a work in progress because there is alot that goes into the formats of books. I talked to others in the low vision community and everyone seem to have the same problem. Most of them provided me with alternatives to enjoying print books in an audio or digital format. And so far I was told about and I have explored Bookshare and it has really become the greatest help since the start of the semester.

I know I have more things to come across and experience with having low vision and I am prepared.