The Act of Vision


Well hello readers and followers, It has been a long time. But I am still alive and hoping to blog more. I have started my first semester in grad school and I am very excited. The first class I am taking is called Ethics in Technology. Such an interesting class and has me thinking a lot about being the advocate for disabilities that I already am, but on paper. Our professor has told us that we must write a term paper about a topic that deals with technology in today's world and how it affects our lives. So guess what I have decided to write about? topic will focus on

ADA compliancy with computer software

. Many of us who are blind or visually impaired know that struggle and try to find workarounds but sometimes it does not work. How can we change this? And what can we do?

I am asking you all as my readers and followers to share your ideas, stories, experiences and anything else that will help provide a front face research about this topic. Please share this with others as well because I know not many are subscribed to my blog.

Thanks!. I look forward to you all responses and hope to keep you all updated with the progress of my paper.