IT'S BACK......America's Next Top Model (ANTM)!!


I hope you are excited as I am to tune into the new season of America's Next Top Model. As some of us know, America's Next Top Model is back. And it new and revamped with the same values. I was very excited to watch this season especially since hearing about all the controversary that happened with the Tyra being the host and ANTM not coming back. But it is here and I am super excited. The hosts are amazing and the woman are beautiful. This is Cycle 23 of ANTM and the first episode premiered on December 12, 2016 with a spin on how the show would operate this year. This year, the infamous name of the brand, Ms. Trya Banks, would not be as visual as before. Ms. Rita Ora, along wi1481616664_americas-next-top-modelth Ashley Graham, Drew Elliot and Law Roach will be the judges this season. The season has started off great and the final episode ended with 14 of the most beautiful girls.



Episode One Review: Business, Brand, Boss

The first episode of the season as we all know starts of with a number of girls and then dwindles down to 14 young women who compete against each other to be the next top model. I love when this happens because of the type of photos that are take, the arguments, the alliances and finally the critiques of the judges, which I live for. Some of the women have experience and some don't. But they do what they can to show that they have the potential.

I loved all the women as they took their headshots and modeled for different designers to grasp the idea of what a casting call is. But what really took me by surprise was the negative shots that started early before the real competition started. Its crazy to see how woman started being very catty and thought that would help move them up. Remember the name of the episode. And if you are in business of self, being a negative nancy does not help you brand or image.  It was nipped in the bud quick. I could see that the woman this season were very determined.

There are three girls that I am rooting for and hope to see go all the way to the end, win or lose.Those girls are Binta, who is african and will definitely support because she is a fellow african sister. binta-antmAnd then there are the twins, Tash and Cody, lovely, lovely girls that I adored from the moment I saw them.


Right now, I am looking forward to seeing what this cycle has to bring. I know much more happened in episode one of cycle 23. But this is where I would like to start and see where it goes from here. You can look forward to more reviews as the season goes on. And if you watched the first episode of the new season, feel free to leave comments.

America's Next Top Model (ANTM) Cycle 23 will be on VH1 every Monday at 10pm.