ANTM Review: Episode 2 & 3


We are finally getting into the season of where the women will be changed for the better of the business and will have to redefine themselves as a 'Boss', 'Business' and 'Brand'. After watching these two episodes, I am hooked and will continue to watch every episode this season. Now on to my reviews of each episode.........

Episode 2:

Toronto Fashion WeekEpisode two (2) starts off/ with the girls spending their first night in the house, which looks amazing by the way. The women are tasked with 'Walking the Runway'. My favorite part of modeling. Because that is all that I wanted to do when I use to model. There is a thrill that comes over a mode when she is walking the runway. With writing this post, I may have to provide the experience of my readers seeing my runway walk. Once again, my girl Binta is flawless and exudes confidence and that is what I love.  The first official photo shoot and runway show was amazing and might I add that Kyle looked gorgeous. She worked that runway and that photo shoot. She deserved to be picked by Zendaya. But throughout the episode, tensions did run high especially with Binta. Each and every girl did really good and for the most part, I enjoyed Zendaya and Law Roach's commentary and facial expressions. As far as the confrontation, it started off with the subject of  'Black Lives Matter' which is a touchy subject, to begin with. But for a person to say that they do not know where they come from makes sense, but then again it doesn't. Binta was no wrong for what she said because how history tells it, the African Americans derive from the motherland. Thats is what I have known based off of what history has provided. But Binta was the most confrontational this episode. But she knows what she stands for and I respect her for that.

In the end, Justine when home.

Episode 3:

cody-makeoverMAKEOVERS MAKEOVERS MAKEOVERS!!!!!. My FAVORITE part of ANTM!!!!!!. Creating the 'Trademark Look'. I have been waiting for this episode and it is finally hair. Each and every girl who is there right now is gorgeous. No doubt about that. I loved the end result for each and every girl. I understand that change is hard for everyone no matter what you do. The girls shoudl know that going into this that their image will eb chnage to better enhance them for the business. So some of the blowups with the individuals themselves should have been handled better because they need to be prepared for this to happen. This episode was by far my favorite yet. Plus it is beautiful to see women happy to embrace themselves and be happy with it. And i enjoyed that. Overall this episode was amazing and Tash was BAD honey. For the next photo shoot, I am hoping that Giah adn Binta step up to the plate, especially Giah. I want her to prove them wrong and let her know that this RnB diva look can be a super model

In the end, Cherish went home.

Look forward to more reviews about ANTM and seeing who will become America's Next top Model.