My Year in a View


2016 AHHHH!

2016 was not that bad of a year. It had it greatest, bad, ridiculous, uncalled for and very upsetting moments. But I was able to make it through and see the new year. I can be very thankful for that. My review on 2016 will be short because it will a personal review on my accomplishments, flaws and failures. Three things that define every individual, but allow them to grow to become a better person.

I don't feel that I accomplished much this year because of work, school and my health. Better yet, I did not accomplish the things that I wanted to accomplish. I was very silent in 2016 and just continued to have ideas. I neglected my blog and then became present as the year came to an end. But I still made an effort. 2016 was a year of working hard and devoting my life to my career and reigniting the fire for my passion. I needed to really understand what I wanted to accomplish and how I was going to get there. I am hoping this year, I take the time to write down my accomplishments and keep track of what it is I am doing. I know I am destined to be great and it takes times.

I am looking forward to what 2017 will bring.