ANTM Review: Episode 4






This week is social media week. Social media can be the devil or your greatest friend depending on how you use. Episode 4 focuses on teaching the models how to effectively used social media to build their cult following and utilize it correctly. Social media is a part of their brand and can take them to a new level. I will not lie, DJ Khaled has great words of wisdom if you take them seriously. He is a man who utilized social media to grow his brand. I am happy that they utilized him as the special guest for this episode.

The BOSS and the BRAND were put to test this episode. Watching this episode was an inspiration for me because I am in the works of building my brand and business. As the challenge starts, here go Binta and Courtney again. LORD! at it again Binta. I love Binta and her strong personality which is amazing. But....sometimes it needs to be toned to go with what you are trying to become. A strong personality can be used in a positive way to achieve a lot versus using it in times of negativity. I would love to see Binta take that strong personality and put it into the challenges and photo shoots. I want her to utilize it in a way that expresses her ideas and still shows that she is a strong woman.

I love how they used SnapChat to capture their stories and it was interesting to see how each person interacted with the social media app. Some people got the hang of it and some did not. Overall, It was exciting to hear the messages that were conveyed by each woman. During this challenge, a few of the girls felt very uncomfortable, but Krislian suffered a little more. I understand what the judges are saying to her bothers her a little. But all she can do it take in what they tell her and use that criticism to show them that she can be sexy, a model and what they are looking for.

Courtney won another challenge. OH MY GOD!! I know the girls are upset about that. And you know who spoke up, BINTA. My girl lol. She made her point clear and put Courtney in her place. What she said was true, but she could have without the vulgar language. As a woman and a working professional, I have learned that sometimes you can't beat a person with words. You beat them with what you do because they think you lack certain qualities. My advice to Binta is to show out in the next photo shoot and blow the judges away. When you are the first name called, you have won the battle. Sometimes battles are won with action rather than words. But good actions of course that benefit the individual.

The girls challenge for this episode is to be a photographer. They have to understand the concept of taking the right photo and having it come out amazing. it seems pretty easy, but obviously hard. The girls pick out there dresses and Courtney once again is in the middle of something. I really do wonder what will happen to Courtney as the see goes along. The girls always look amazing and as I have always said, they are all beautiful. I loved Tash's idea, 'On the Prowl'. Yessss Honey!!!!. You go, Tash!.

And we come to the panel discussion. The judges got into Courtney and her behavior and how she is just a complainer. It showed me that they see alot more than the girls think. But Krislian surprised me. She took the judges advice and toned the sexy to be the type of sexy the judges were looking for. And I am so proud of her. You go, girl! Go Krislian and Binta!. You all showed out especially, Krislian. It was sad to see Tash in the bottom two because she is amazing, but she does get lost in the mix.

In the end, Tash went home :(. I'm sad to see you go home. But you had a positive attitude leaving and I see you doing great with modeling in the future. I am excited to see what will happen next week and who goes home.

Stay tuned for more next week. Toodles!