My 2017 in Review


2017 was here and is now gone. So Happy New Year and welcome 2018.

I absolutely enjoyed the year of 2017. 2017 taught me many things about myself as a woman, a friend, a sibling, a professional and a partner. Last year I was tested and fought hard to overcome my struggles with life and my vision and came out on top with many achievements. I graduated with my master's degree, I got a job with a top leading firm, and I started volunteering and working on the way to become empowered and empower others.

Of course, I had my moments of defeat and when I thought everything was going to be over for me and certain things that I had put my mind too were not going to pan out the way I planned. I had ideas on top of ideas written out to take that next step. But, something just kept holding me back. And it was the fear of not succeeding in something that I actually love doing. I question would people be interested, would those who already know me understand and want to learn more or would I just receive blank stares because it doesn't pertain to what is currently the hottest thing in society. Don't get this mixed up with caring about the opinions of others, it's about getting people to truly understand. This one thought was a whirlwind for me and kind of shaped how I would finish out the rest of the year and how I would defeat fear.

2017 has truly tested me as an individual and I'm grateful for those tests because nothing can stop me now.

I'm not going to end with the standard quote, "New Year, New Me" because it is sooooooo cliche. But, I will leave you with the advice of working on building better relationships with those around you and HONESTLY know the people who have your best interest at heart.

Make 2018 the year of self-love and self-acceptance.