It was the start of the Fall 2013 semester, and what I had been expecting and trying to ignore happened. The same thing that happened in my right eye, happened in my left eye. By this time, I knew what needed to be done and who I needed to contact. With even knowing that, I was still scared and didn't know what to expect. As this point in my life, I definitely knew life was going to be VERY different and I had to live with it or better yet learn how to live with it. I went into a stage of depression. I didn’t know to react because I didn't know of anyone else who had gone through the same thing, so it became a difficult time.Honestly, I just wanted to disappear and cease to exist.

Finally my doctor appointment came and I was little hopeful because I wanted to hear what he had to say. In my head I was telling myself, he may prescribe me some eye drops and thats it. But that didn't happen, I was sent right to RGW. At RGW, they ran more test and saw that my vision had changed dramatically in my left eye and they suggested I revisit NIH.

I went to NIH a month later and come to find out I still didn't have a name to my disease expect to know that it was hereditary macular dystrophy. I cried, I screamed, I moped around and locked myself away from the world. Then all of a sudden, something sparked in my head. I began becoming the innovator that I am and started coming up with new ideas of technologies and ways to change the lives of those who have visual impairments.

This became my new journey I was ready to explore and move forward with.