"The Forgotten People"

Since suffering from a visual impairment, life has been very different in many ways. But, different for the better, which is great. I love to research, explore and learn new things, so Google has become my best friend in a sense. And with being a college student, Google is ALWAYS or sometimes the answer to everything or that difficult question.This past weekend, I hopped on Google and typed "Large Print Textbooks" in the search bar. I came across a couple of website and played around with few. But I really did not find what I was looking for. And that is books in relation to Information Technology, because I have come across large print books for leisure reading. Don't get me wrong, I love and enjoy reading PDFs of my textbooks for class. But there is nothing like holding a book in your hands. 

This is a funny picture, but that is how I feel when holding a n actual book. I think I still have a little more research to do and this is an issue I must resolve. Sometimes I feel like the blind/visually impaired are forgotten about when it comes to certain things. Not everyone may feel this way, but I do with no offense to anyone. Even though we may have these disabilities, we are people who enjoy the finer things in life too. But once again, I may be mistaken and PLEASE do correct me if I am.

I am a college student who JUST wants the right textbooks.

 You know what!. Maybe this a journey for me to further explore and work on. I like this :)