Building Blocks

This weekend I reached out to a friend who I had not spoken too or heard from in months. And let me tell you, It was great speaking to her. She talked to me about how her blog has allowed her to create a new avenue for herself including her new brand that is related to her blog. I was in amazement when we spoke on this. Because she has done what I am brainstorming. And where she is at now, is where I want be and more!. She gave me some great tips and I truly appreciate her for that. So now im taking notes and working on a brand that will empower the world of visually impaired and blind individuals. I am already seeing that I will reach new heights in 2014 and understand that everything will take time. But I shall prosper. I am working my hardest to take part and action in the visually impaired and blind community. I am a self-advocate for  this community.

Thank you to my dearest friend who has given me food for thought. Please check out her blog site - Natural Hair Junkies. You will enjoy reading it and subscribe!