The Greatest Experience

Maybe God is trying to tell me something because the most amazing thing happened on the train headed home on Thursday. That amazing thing was to sitting in front of a blind man reading. Nothing but joy filled my heart because he is making it known that irregardless of his disability, he is not limited to the greatness this world can offer. It was so interesting to sit from afar and gasp in awe at what he was doing and how detailed and interesting his braille book was. The first thing that popped up in my head was "What is he reading about?". Because that would be great to know. I said to myself, "Is he reading about a fantasy world? Is he trying to solve a mystery? or Is he reading a book that pertains to his field of work or study?" Because I love to read and suffer from low vision I have had to make accommodations. And reading is one thing I didn't want to give up. Seeing this man has opened up another aspect of thinking in my life. It is funny how the smallest actions mean a lot!. Today he has given me the greatest experience that I would love for the people without disabilities to see if they are not familiar with it.

Reading has no limits and there is always going to be a story written because we always have something to share.

The power of the intellectual mind.