The Worst Feeling

It seems like the world is spinning and I'm stuck right in the middle. Being a student majoring in Information Technology isn't getting any easier. This semester all my classes are considerably programming courses. This requires me to spend almost 5 to 6 hours or more staring at the computer inputting code, testing, re-entering code & waiting for the output and making sure that output is correct. In the computer world, it is know as complied correctly. And this process is done over and over again until it is complete or when I am satisfied with it. Sometimes I feel like PULLING MY HAIR OUT and RUNNING AWAY! Because it gets to be too much.

I love IT and all the things I get to learn and do. But my eyes don't love it. Actually they hate it and they tell me that in a sense. I'm starting to experience more headaches, an eye burning sensation, eyes feel like they are pounding and I get restless. So I take breaks from time to time. But once its times for me get back to work, my eyes start to act funny all over again. So i just put everything to the side and tell myself "Tomorrow is a new day, I can complete this work then".

Hopefully this gets better, but I am still in the midst of exploring ideas that will relieve the stress of spending long hours in front of the computer and I can still be productive.