The Transition

Transition - the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another (

Everyone eventually has to go through a transition period to adapt to the new and changing ways of life. So we all tend to sometimes be open to a transition period. But what do you do when you come across a point in your life where transitioning seems unmanageable, unbreakable and hard to handle. Transitioning may be easier for some than others. I have always been able to adapt to new situations that may arise. Transitioning was always natural to me because I embraced change.  But discovering that I had a visual impairment became an even harder transition. I literally had to learn how to look at things in a different perspective. Small key details I use to overlook became more important. As you have read in my “Introduction”, I still hadn’t come to terms with was being said to me. The thought of accepting a change like this wasn’t going to happen for me at least. I asked myself “Why is this SO hard?”.

This transition period became the hardest for me because now my life revolved around the word ACCESSIBILITY. A word that I have heard before, but never real focused on. Because I felt at that time it was meant for people with disabilities, not me.

Becoming visually impaired taught me how to really handle and and work through a very though transition period in my life and turn it into a great change. This transition is nothing comparable to going to high school to college or middle to high school or starting a new job. This period of transition became a way of life in a sense. So the first step I took was to create a blog and write about it. There is nothing better than writing down how you feel or what you are going through and possibly find others who may be going through the same struggle as you. 

My blog has allowed me to be able to see the brighter side of things in this huge world that we live in. I actually loved and embraced my disability like it was a way of life. I started to see the brighter side of having a visual impairment. As I always say, "Because of my visual impairment, I see life on a totally different spectrum". 

This period of my life started slow. I started exploring learning, shopping, driving and reading in a new light, especially when it came to shopping for new technologies. Now when I go shopping for new technology, I have to make sure it meets my accessibility needs and is convenient. I am no longer in the latest technology, if it not accessible enough to my liking. 

Everything I did or wanted to do had to be catered to my vision or around it. It just wasn't the same, I knew it and had to face the reality of the situation that is presented in front of me. When I go somewhere, the first thing I do is scope the area to see if it is accessible enough to my liking. If it wasn't, I let the person in charge know and if I cant be accommodated, then it was time to go somewhere else. 

My personal transition period has taught me a lot about who I am as person and learned what is best for me. I loved myself even with this new flaw. I always knew how to turn my flaws into my greatest asset. Hopefully as the years go by, I will find more ways to accommodate and deal with my vision.

I have opened up a new chapter in my life and want to learn more.