Start of a New Beginning

Thank God this week has come to an end. This week has started off great, I'm finally getting in touch with local organizations and having a say in what operations are done or sharing my ideas. I have come in contact with the National Federation of the Blind and Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind. These are two agencies, that I am very excited to partner with when it comes to the blind and visually impaired community. And I can't wait to see where these agencies take me and how much I will be exposed too.

I had a conference call with a few members from NFB and the NFB: Student Division Tuesday evening. And let me tell you, I loved it! It was soothing to speak to individuals, who can simply relate. The conversation  was great. We explored the idea of fundraising, more conference calls, meet-ups and the whole nine. It was a magnificent experience. I was finally in my element.

By involving myself in these organizations, I have started a new beginning or bring awareness to those who may know nothing about low vision or are curious about how people with low vision live. It is always nice to share knowledge and teach people something new.

"New beginning here I come and I am not stopping anytime soon."