The Stigma: Natural Hair in the Corporate world

For those who know me, they know I love to make a lasting fashion statement especially with my hair. I literally have a new hairstyle everyday and don't mind waking up just a little earlier to do my hair and taking the time to do it. I feel my hair is my best accessory in a sense. But as I am starting to develop into my professional career, I am being to wonder is my natural hair going to be a set back?

I have been natural for the past 3 1/2  years and I love it. And when I use the term natural for my hair, it means the use of no chemicals in my hair. That has to be the most amazing part of taking on this journey. Because you are no longer held up to the standards of the world but, your own standards. Its your independence and livelihood. As I said previously, I am in the start of my professional career and life. As I start this journey, I am starting to think more and more about my hair. This summer I will be transitioning in to the corporate world. I have always been on the outside looking in but, never on the inside. Its scary.


ImageTo change my hair is to change me. Like I wonder, "Is an Afro too much for the first day?", "Will it keep me working here in the future?" Or "Will these people think something is wrong with this girl?". Even though my hard-work will speak for itself but, my hair on that first day will make an lasting and unforgettable impression. And that can be a good and bad all at the same time. If have seen a number of articles that talk about women getting fired or not getting hired just because of their hair. Its disheartening to read that because your hair should not define who you are or your work ethic.

This may be one of those situations where I go in subtle the first week and observe and then come with the big bang in the coming weeks. There are alternatives ways to style natural hair but, I could have it flat ironed and curled today and come in with a big Afro tomorrow. You will never know with me.

Never will I allow a stigma to set the standards of life for a young woman just trying to make it and create a lane for my future.