Social Justice Issues: Will things ever change?

Social justice issues are the issues that affect the everyday lives of people at every level of society

“Our problems stem from our acceptance of this filthy, rotten system.”

― Dorothy Day

Metro Fare Hike:

“If Metro fares are driving you crazy, get ready for some more heartburn”. What a great opening sentence to article talking about an ongoing issue for those to live in the Washington Metropolitan Area. An issue that many of us have been reading about in blogs, newspapers and online and dreading to talk about. The Metro fare hike is simply the elephant in the room that no one wants to speak on or even acknowledge. But it is here! And as all things we don’t want to believe, it is coming with a vengeance. On average, many of the people who live in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC considerably use the MetroRail or the MetroBus to get to their desired locations. But with fares increasing again, who says that the same people using public transportation on a daily basis may consider other alternative ways of getting to and from work? I can say that I am one person who may consider an alternative due to the rising prices. It is becoming too expensive to afford for anyone. How much more expensive can taking public transportation be? Yes, as civilians we understand the cost of maintaining and providing these services that we use extensively. But, a fare increase will not change how people view metro. It will make people just that much more discouraged to use Metro. Hopefully things change and the people initiating the fare increase come back to reality and listen to the people.

On Trial for Discrimination:

"Perception is REALITY". How we perceive life, speak for the actions that we make. This is an expression that I have been hearing continuously and it has me thinking about how true this saying is. And this is very evident in terms of discrimination. It seems like things will never change. It seems that we live in a world where racial discrimination is accepted in today’s society and a part of life. We are in a new era, but yet things haven’t changed. I didn’t know the color of our skins justified our social status in society and especially the workplace. One thing in this article that really made think was that the lady was given an ultimatum after serving with the force for 20+ years. Hearing and seeing scenarios like this happen kind of makes me think of what will life be like for me when I finally step into the workforce as a working women and no longer a student or intern. It leaves me wondering, what will I have to do make sure this never happens to me or someone I know?

The Hoax on KFC:

Now when I first heard this story before the hoax of course. I was completely appalled!!. Yet again a human being has been turned away from society because of something they cannot change. So yes I was upset because being a person suffering from a disability, you are often turned away or pushed to the side with no regard to how you may feel. This showed me that society has taken two steps back versus ten steps forward. After venting over this story for a couple of days, I hear on the radio that the story was a HOAX and cooked up by the grandmother. Why must children always be the bait in the poor judgement of adults?. A child should never be the gateway to any type of gain that is not beneficial to the adult and the child. Now that this has happened, what happens to the child as she grows up?. What will she have to face in society?. The money that was given to the family from KFC to help with all of the child's medical treatment is a great gratitude on behalf of the company. But this is something the child will have to face for the rest of her life. Children are a blessing and very rare. Many people would love to have a child to love and cherish. We should all think wisely about what we do, say and engage our children. Hopefully there is a lesson learned. Yet society may not change.

Social justice issues surround us on a daily basis. But it is up to you to make a change in the cycle of abusing the human race to appeal to the liking of society.

Contributor, Inspirator and Author: Thornal Coachman