A Hair Revolution

"Gorgeous hair is the best revenge."  ~ Ivana Trump

For anyone who knows me, I love to do my hair! Everyday I literally have a different hairstyle. Its a habit of mine that has grown to excellence. My hairstyles in a sense is a part of who I am and sets me apart for other individuals. How everyone has that one statement piece for their outfits or in their closet, my hairstyles are exactly that.

When I found out I was losing my vision, I cried because I was wondering how was I going to do my hair. That was one thing I did not want to have to give up. It would crush my world if that happened. How would I do my hair? Who would do my hair? And If I had someone do my hair, could I trust them? There are so many questions that come with just wanting to do or get your hair done. And I was not going to allow that to happen. I had to come up with an idea, I JUST HAD TOO!

Then it hit me!

Why not take to the visually impaired community and see how the men and women in the community do their hair or what methods they use. This project will change many things and allow the blind and visually impaired community to embrace their natural beauty.  So why not start a hair revolution and see where it takes me. I do not have a name for my project yet, but I am hoping my readers and fellow bloggers can help me with that.

All I ask is that you share this post with anyone you know. So I can share hairstyle tips to the world.