A Small Token From God

"God will not permit any troubles to come upon us, unless He has a specific plan by which great blessing can come out of the difficulty."  ~Peter Marshall

Have you ever thought to yourself that having a disability is in a sense a blessing in disguise?

I have always pondered on this because what if God gave me this disability to change my way of life or change others ways of life and their ideologies about the world. Like everyone who has been diagnosed with a disability, first thing you say is "Why me?!" And then you begin to write a down a list of things that you won't be able to do, you start to research more about your disability and then you wonder if it is curable or if you will be able to function as a normal person if it worsens. Maybe these are the ideas that went on in my head but, hopefully someone can relate.

Life has not been the same since the day I found out I was suffering from a visual impairment. I had to learn how to live independently again without having one of my five senses. Not everyone has had to go through that experience. But at first you are always negative and hope for the worst. Life has changed abruptly and you are having a hard time trying to adapt to this change. It seems like it is a crisis of its own.

For the first two years, I was very negative and disregarded what was going because I chose too. All I know is that I still had "one good eye". And with that one good eye, I still conquered the world from all directions. But that sure did hit me in the face about a year ago. Abruptly everything changed and I felt like the world had come crashing down. Yes it was scary! Even the amount of research that I did to prepare myself for this very day, I was still scared and panicking.

I said myself, "C'mon Fatmatta!! Stop being a little girl and accept reality for what it is. Make this into your best asset and you will see a return on investment". Even though I said that mentally, physically you could see the worry on my face. But what do I do in a time of trouble and at a lost for what to do, I pray. Prayer is what made see that having this disability was a blessing in disguise. From that day forward, my goal was to preach about awareness in all aspects, become an advocate and create change.

At this point in my life, I keel telling myself I have a story to tell. I have a story I NEED to tell the world, my family and friends! Everyone needs to hear about this life changing experience and how it has built me to be that much stronger and forget about the small things that upset people everyday. To those who always complain about how tough life is, thing about what life would be life if you had to suffer from something that you could not changed or made you change the way you live life abruptly. Losing my vision has allowed me to appreciate the small things that matter the most. I no longer look at my disability as a questionable action by God, I thank him everyday for blessing me with it.