Natural Beauty

"When you are balanced and when you listen and attend to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit, your natural beauty comes out." ~ Christy Turlington

What happened to essence of being beautiful with out having to hide your imperfections?

What happened to accepting and loving who you are a person, an individual?

What happened to flaunting what God blessed you with?

What has happened to the theory of natural beauty?

Why do people hide behind the masks of artificial beauty?


I do not ask these questions to discourage someone who may find the beauty in artificial beauty, but I speak from personal experience as well. I was once a believer in the artificial look. That is what beautiful meant to me and that is what I saw. My artificial beauty of choice were weaves. I thought I had to have weave in my hair in order to complete my idea of beautiful.

I never understood what I was doing to myself. I didn't know that I was taking away from who I was and how unique my beauty is. I lost myself in the confines of wearing weave to be seen as beautiful. Believing in this solidified that I had a low self-esteem and I didn't love me for me. That can be the scariest thing someone has to face and come to terms with among themselves.

This was the hardest battle I had to ever fight. It was a battle I was fighting within myself and I knew it was one thing that couldn't be swept under the rug. Because it was always lingering around. I avoid this issue for years. I always viewed it as, "If no one has said anything about it, then its fine". But that thought was a lie within itself.

Something had to change, but I had no direction. No one to guide me in to transitioning to place where I loved me for me and where what the next person said didn't mean anything to me. I was at a point where I could not live behind the confines of other people. I was battered and beaten by those thoughts and ideologies. I thought this is who I am and no one could change that. But I was wrong about that because that change happened.

When I came face to face with change, I was frustrated, upset and didn't want to hear what had to be said. But I could not run away. Because if I ran away I would be right back where I was and would continue to live life as lie. And then who would I really be? But a mere statistics along with the many people need artificial beauty to survive.

Yes I understand that some of us have to wear make up, weaves, wigs and other things for self purposes. And that I understand and I am not arguing against that. But this is for the people who solely depend on these things to define their beauty to fill a void in their lives. You may wonder why I say that. But everyone has that one thing they do to help them mask something they do not want the world to know about them.

Now my baby sister believes that she needs weave to be seen as beautiful and that defines who she is. It broke my heart to know that she felt this way at a very young age. I was taken back. It reminded me of where I was at about three years ago. It broke my heart to know that she felt this way and I wasn't going to let her begin to define herself by this artificial beauty at a young age. I told myself I had to teach her about self worth and her OWN natural beauty.

On a day like today, I thank God for allowing that change to come. Because I have finally discovered and know my self worth and natural beauty. And that is one feeling no one can ever taken away from you.