The Analyzation

"The three parts of the theory are analytical ability, the ability to analyze things to judge, to criticize. Creative, the ability to create, to invent and discover and practical, the ability to apply and use what you know." ~ Robert Sternberg

Some of you may read the description for my blog and believe it is entirely centered on my vision and the events in my life that occur when my vision is sometimes tested. Though that is partially true, my blog is also written from my perspective of the world from my eyes. Hence my tagline, "Seeing life through different eyes" explains my views to a tea. We all see life very differently from one another. And sometimes, we as human can agree or disagree on each other's viewpoints. But that is life.

The first time I came up with the name "Maono Ya Chini", I was ecstatic and instantly fell in love with the name, especially its translation. Because it taught me how to look at the tough times in life in a positive light. Maono ya Chini in Swahili means "low vision". But when you see it, recite it or read it, you do not relate the name to anything vision related. It is simply beautiful and that is how the sense of seeing is. Your eyes allow you to capture the beauty of the world and the beautiful moments in life and store them in your brain as a long time reminder for when you have to see something that makes you think of it.

It was not until I started to lose some of my vision that made me realize my eyes were my best asset. From then, I fell in love with my eyes and wanted to learn more about them. This may sound funny, but it is true. One always forsakes something they an abundant amount of. But as soon as it begins to result in a loss, we tend to find the appreciation in it and hope others can find the same appreciation in all that they have now. Now that I have presented my case and understanding behind the name of my blog. It is finally time to decrypt the true meaning behind the infamous tagline.

"Seeing life through different eyes"…..As I wrote this down when thinking of a one line description for my blog, my mind went bananas!. It summed up how I wanted others to see me for who I am and learn as well. When life is seen through the eyes of one individual, you tend to see redundancy and have a small scope on what really surrounds you. But, when life is seen through many eyes, there is so much to look forward too. It has been a year since my blog blessed Wordpress and it is a very exciting achievement. Yet, I still feel like my blog and myself have not reached the full potential of where I would like things to be in the visually impaired community. I still feel like something is missing and I have yet to put a finger on it, but that problem should be solved soon. Hopefully. Not all things goes as planned, because I know I had a lot of things planned for my blog. But it is never too late to still attain those goals I have set not just for myself as an advocate, but for Maono Ya Chini.

I hope this year is a great a prosperous year for my blog and my adventure of advocacy.