Why is blogging so hard?!

We are a party of innovation. We do not reject our traditions, but we are willing to adapt to changing circumstances, when change we must. We are willing to suffer the discomfort of change in order to achieve a better future. ~ Barbara Jordan

As I learn to try and make time to blog, I just can't seem to make the time. It is so tough! I wonder what happened to the young lady who was ready to share stories and share others. I have a number of notes in my phone of potential blog posts that are written up and ready to go, but yet my blog has yet seen them along with my readers.
Is blogging suppose to be chore? How does one make time to actually share a story about life at least once a day? Is there a guide to doing this? Or it is possibly that I am allowing the real world to take over and just refuse to make time to connect with people through words? Maybe that is what it is. Maybe its not. As I go on, I will learn. But  I would love for my readers to share their blogging practices and I can try them out.
So for now, look forward to seeing more posts as well as reading my old posts.