Vision Update 🤓


It has been officially a month and some change since I had my appointment at NIH. As my current readers know, I have been going to NIH for the past 5 years, annually. But for my new readers, NIH is known as the National Institute of Health. I visit the NEI, the National Eye Clinic, that specializes in all things vision and has a number of machines that do a number of tests to see the inner workings of an individuals eye. This year, my visit to NIH was much different than the years before. I visited NIH at least 4 times this year.

  • First visit: I had to get some blood work done for genetic testing and awaited the results for my blood work.
  • Second visit: I received the results from the blood work and found out that I had small traces of TB in my blood. My heart dropped when I discovered this because I did not know what the outcome would be. I was told all the procedures that come with checking if the traces of TB found were active or latent. After listening to all the options, I decided to get the test done and a chest exam. For the test, I was required to report back in 48hrs to find out the results and at that time, I would be given the results of each exam. 
  • Third visit: 48hrs later, I was en route to NIH to receive the results. My TB test came back positive and my best exam came back negative that meant I had latent TB. Where I got it from, I did not know. But I know I had to start the process of taking medications for the next nine months and deal with the side effects that come with it.
  • Fourth visit: Finally the test for my exams. I usually spend the whole day at NIH getting tests done and then I wait to get the final results from my doctors after they take their time looking at my eye tests. 

And the results are in, I was told that I lost some more vision in my right eye and my vision was stable in my left eye. It was a jump for joy, but also a sad feeling inside. I still struggle with hearing that I am losing vision, but I can say I don't cry about it anymore. I am more positive and word towards figuring out what the next step in my life is and how to accommodate my vision. This time around, I knew that I needed to be more active with my blog and work on really being an advocate. I know its a hard thing to do, but I am determined to make a change in the world and see my hard work. I hope you as my readers, share my story, my blog and your stories with me. Because we are community and the goal is to create a community that we can support each other. Look forward to seeing what I do in the future and the changes that I will make.