#ANTM Season 23 Update

The number of girls left is getting smaller, and we are getting closer to knowing who is.............(drumroll please)..........America's Next Top Model.

Here is a Recap on who has left:

Episode 5: Giah

Episode 6: Krislian

Episode 7: Kyle

I'm sad to see them go. But they have failed to wow the judges and we all know how that goes. But I think Giah's elimination was the most interesting because they felt that they were making the wrong decision. I love Giah. She is your small town girl who was experiencing the big city. I wish her the best.

My favorites so far:

Tatiana is killing it. I meaaaaann, what is there to say, she has it all. But, I wonder is having it all, already too good for ANTM. I think she may not win the competition. But you never know. Binta, Binta, Binta, she has been struggling a lot lately. For a woman who voices her opinion loudly, I was hoping that her bold and vigorous personality would come through in her photoshoots. And as for Cody, she has become an entirely different person since Tash has left. She was actually hiding behind her sister's shadow.

Now, the challenges for these past few episodes have been enjoyable from trying to model better than a model to dancing. Every week, I see some girls struggling, and I see some girls lost within the competition and not trying to change. It's hard to see one of my favorites struggles. It will be surprising to know who wins.

I am looking forward to how these three women do as the competition goes on.